question your therapy (therapist)!

Welcome to my first blog post!

Since you made it here you might be considering that aspects of your current experience with your therapist are not what you expected! You might be questioning your therapy and thinking that it’s just not working, or worse, causing you harm!

Though some people will debate that on a soul level we choose our parents for lessons in life, for purposes of this blog, I’m not going there . We enter this world based on the “forces of nature” and are completely dependent upon our creators (parents) for survival and nurturing. Some have their needs met on  physical and emotional levels, some do not. I am one of those who did not. My physical needs were met, but my emotional needs were not even recognized! Life was about me fulfilling the emotional needs of my parents, not the other way around!  So I went through life trying desperately to get those needs met through various relationships, and my methods “weren’t working”. Feeling sad, angry, depressed and a desolate sense of loss over these “less than satisfactory” relationships throughout my adult life I thought I could use some assistance from the world of psychotherapy and sought the services of one of these so called “mental health professionals” Little did I know I was unconsciously choosing someone who would repeat and exemplify my childhood upbringing.

Now, as an end result I can see VERY clearly where my issues are at and I am healing in “giant steps”! However, my experience with the therapist I chose didn’t have to go the route that it did. “Good Therapy” would have lead me to the same place, without the torment and re-traumatization of my childhood issues that  arose in dealing with a severely wounded therapist.

So my intention is that this blog will shed light on the dark issues of harmful psychotherapy, and show what good therapy is about. For those of you that have been “in the care of”  a “harmful therapist” you know that when psychotherapy goes wrong, it tends to go very, very wrong! A client who (most likely) has issues with their trust having been betrayed early in life, has their trust violated again, and the pain is severe, essentially”rubbing salt” into an open wound, and vulnerable psyche.
Over the course of my writing here I will be speaking of my experience with” bad therapy” and some of my ideas for the Mental Health Profession to improve itself. I will also speak of the complaint I filed, regarding the therapist I engaged the services of, with the regulators of the Mental Health Profession in my State. I live in Connecticut, and it is the only State in the USA that does not have Licensing Board or Regulatory Board of some sort for LCSW’s, MFT’s. LPC’s or LADC’s. The Department of Public Health (Licensing Department) is the regulatory agency and they base their decisions to take disciplinary action (or most likely not take it!)  only on the  opinion of one peer consultant per case! Talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop!!! It’s an extremely biased,shrouded process, that I will speak of.

I hope that this blog will help others learn that they are not alone in their experiences with bad therapy and that there are good therapists out there, but you MUST BE highly selective and willing to interview carefully to find those that are competent, skillful, caring, compassionate, and overall, helpful.


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  1. I have created a blog that echoes what you are discussing in this post. It’s Thank you for your article.

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