more info I don’t like

Brought my complaint to the Attorney General’s office today….

Good news….at least….the Assistant Attorney General I spoke to is going to read my complaint in regards to unfair billing practice and the insurance fraud and see if there is something she can do.
However the “not so good news” is that she managed to explain to me “why” the DPH sees things as they do. Essentially the way she explained it is that the DPH separates out the billing issues from the “standard of care issues”….the therapist’s treatment methods have nothing to do with the billing….that belongs to the insurance company.
It’s as if the therapist is considered like any other medical professional…for example….if a cardiologist charges for office visits that did not occur then he commits insurance fraud ( and the insurance company is the “harmed entity”) it has nothing to do with the treatment the patient received. Pretty clear,right?
So with this same thinking, a therapist treats a client for depression and “trust issues” and triple bills the insurance company…the insurance company is supposedly the only entity “harmed” and it has nothing to do with the client’s treatment!

So this is where the “problem” is at…
In therapy trust issues are tied in because of the nature of the relationship/therapeutic alliance…(in my case
the therapist stole from me (sessions) and cash for sessions he never placed claims for, but lied and told me he did and didn’t get paid.)

No one is responsible for evaluating the case as a whole and seeing how fraud is a violation of trust and harms the client by destroying the therapeutic alliance!

Until we can change how Licensing Boards have to evaluate cases against Mental Health Professionals specifically, the “bad guys” will walk away unscathed.


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