Courage and Adversity

Back just a few years ago the news that came yesterday regarding my case at the Ct. DPH would have devastated me, this morning I feel quite empowered! An extremely low percentage of clients ( I’ve read it’s approx. 2%) are successful in their complaints against therapists in Licensing Board cases, so in that regard, I do think that I made my point to the therapist, and the DPH. I was not able to “prove” the Standard of Care was violated, but I did show the unprofessional conduct of the therapist.
He knows what he did, and so do I, and I get to sleep well at night!
What this therapist and his attorney and the CT. DPH thought about me would have “put a hurtin’ on my ego”, but today I see how far this therapist had to distort the truth to save his sorry ass! Nothing they said about me is “personal”, he had to engage his defenses to support his lies….so be it. Since I threw punches….I was reasonably certain I’d be punched back!
I successfully presented this case without the aid of an attorney…though the “outcome” was “not in my favor” so to speak I did what I set out to do. I stood up for me! I didn’t sit back as a victim and claim “oh, poor me, this therapist exploited me as a client”…No! I took him on and at least attempted to hold him accountable for his unprofessional behavior. That took courage and strength that many times in my life I doubted that I had. The courage to deal with adversity and come out the other side still bouncing! Winning is not always about desired outcome, it’s about hanging in there when life gets tough, when your tired and want to hide under the blankets, and just feel safe!

2 Responses

  1. In the larger scheme of things…you did win.

  2. on the ballfield of life it was a sacrifice fly!

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