Reconciling Worlds

Dang! Fringe isn’t on tonight! It’s the only show I try and watch. I love catching The Big Bang Theory and 2 1/2 Men…but Fringe is “my show”..oh well…..if it had been on, this blog wouldn’t be written tonight! I love the show as it presents the different “realities” we each live in….how your neighbor or co-worker may live in a much different world than you do!
How do we reconcile our “world’s”? Not a light subject matter really and I think of the ancient alchemists turning base metal into gold through the processes of purification and refinement…again and again and again…..until a more pure state is achieved. World’s blending more and more…until we all realize we are one consciousness replicating itself over and over…in perhaps infinitesimal patterns…


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