Nurses “disciplined” more often than other health practitioners?

Maybe it’s just that there are more nurses than other health practitioners so the number receiving discplinary action against their licenses is higher , but you can draw your own conclusions after reading the info here. I’ve crunched some numbers of the enforcement actions taken by the CT DPH.
(I’d like to find out the total number of cases filed,and how many of those are dismissed immediately, and how many are dismissed after what the DPH calls an “investigation”.)

So these results are only about the “enforcement actions” taken between 01/2008 and 6/2010 against Licensed Practitioners not under the jurisdiction of a licensing board, and respectively, those under the jurisdiction of a licensing/examining board.

These professions are under the direct jurisdiction of the CT DPH:(total# Enforcement actions immediately follow the profession named for the above mentioned time period)
(1) Speech pathologist and audiologist;2
(2) Hearing instrument specialist; 0
(3) Nursing home administrator; 4
(4) Sanitarian; 3
(5) Subsurface sewage system installer or cleaner; 0
(6) Marital and family therapist;3
(7) Nurse-midwife; 0
(8) Licensed clinical social worker; 15
(9) Respiratory care practitioner; 3
(10) Asbestos contractor and asbestos consultant;0
(11) Massage therapist;18
(12) Registered nurse’s aide;116
(13) Radiographer;3
(14) Dental hygienist;8
(15) Dietitian-Nutritionist 0
(16) Asbestos abatement worker;0
(17) Asbestos abatement site supervisor;0
(18) Licensed or certified alcohol and drug counselor;2
(19) Professional counselor;6
(20) Acupuncturist;1
(21) Occupational therapist and occupational therapist assistant;1
(22) Lead abatement contractor, lead consultant contractor, lead consultant, lead abatement supervisor, lead abatement worker, inspector and planner-project designer; 0
(23) Emergency medical technician, emergency medical technician-intermediate, medical response technician and emergency medical services instructor; 20
(24) Paramedic; and 7
(25) Athletic trainer 6
(26) perfusionist 0

Total Number of Enforcement Actions the Ct DPH isdirectly responsible for regulating ( where NO Licensing Board exists) = 221 (E.A)

These professions are under the jurisdiction of individual Licensing/Examining Boards

Barbers and Hairdressers 114
Embalmers 17
Psychologists 11
Psychiatrists 0
Physicians 130
Crematories 1
Dentists 27

Funeral Homes 12
Funeral Director 1

Nurses RN 284
Nurses LPN 63
Nurses APRN 2

Optician 3
Optometrist 2
Optical Shop 2

Chiropractor 7

Physicians Assistant 2

Podiatrist 6

Veterinarians 15

Physical therapist 7

Naturopath 1

Total number of Enforcemnet Actions where a Board is responsible for regulating the professionals 710 (E.A)
interesting stats… (EA) = enforcement actions

Total number of enforcement actions from 1/2008 to 6/2010 =
E.A w./ Licensing board = 710
E.A.w/No Board (DPH Regulates) = 221
Total cases =931

10 quarters reviewed = 2.25 years or 27 months = 221 total cases/ 27 months = average approx. 8 cases per month that require enforcement where the DPH is directly responsible for regulation

Number of E.A against the nursing profession = 465 (284 RN+ 63 LPN+ 2 APRN (regulated by a licensing board))+ (116 Registered Nurses Aide (regulated by the CT DPH))
approx. 50% all E.A’s against the nursing profession overall

Registered nurses aides account for slightly more than 50% of the cases that enforcement actions occur in professions where the DPH, not a licensing board, is responsible for regulation. (116 out of 221)
116 E.A against reg. nurses aides
105 E.A against all others

Total number EA for mental health practitioners (15 LCSW+ 3 MFT+8 LPC+2 LADC) +11 psychologists= 39 EA’s against MHP’s…39 out of 931 total EA’s = +/- 4.2% of cases where E.A’s are involved

No enforcement actions against psychiatrists


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