Red flag of bad therapy #6

The same week I started therapy, I joined in on a class the therapist was giving at the Unity Church. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I felt like I could use all the “help” I could get. I still don’t know for sure if this had a negative impact on my therapy with him, but I can say I wouldn’t do it again. In retrospect, somehow it took away a bit privacy/confidentiality having others know I was client of his, and that the client/therapist relationship existed, particularly when he very subtlety started to bring up stuff we talked about in our sessions in the group (without using my name, but I still knew). It started to feel like a continuation of our sessions. It also was not meant to be a “therapy group” but it took on the qualities of one over time. There were no goals or plans, structure or framework for the group so it never succeeded and just kind of dissolved. ( I can say much the same about my therapy, except with less than quiet results!)

I did make a couple of good friendships that I still maintain today…so I did get something out of it! I would not suggest participating in any other activity with a therapist other than private sessions.I know today that a professional therapist should know better than to allow any sort of dual relationship to exist as it muddies clear boundaries.
Red flag # 6….Joining in on a “class” the therapist is currently giving.

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