dumb things therapists say #2

“Why would I speak to one person (the client) when I could be speaking to thousands?”

This statement was made when the therapist was regaling me with his grandiose fantasies of becoming the latest greatest motivational/public speaker.

2 Responses

  1. Hey, funny, you commented on Sammy’s therapist post, and you have one as well.

    • Yep! Thank God I “got away from” the one that made the “dumb remarks”! I work with one of the “good guys” now! They are few and far between! Most people who choose a therapist are not in a great “state of mind” when selecting one. So I’m trying through this blog and my “not so good experiences” to “educate” people on what to be aware of when selecting one and eventually share my stories on what good therapy like as well.

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