Dumb things therapists say (do) #3

Ok…so it was a 1000 am appointment, but it wasn’t 800 am. I arrived on time and waited in the driveway for the client ahead of me to come out, 10 minutes late, as usual. I went into the office and started in on the session and about 5 minutes into it the therapist suddenly in the middle of what I was saying, says “I’m going to go upstairs and make something to eat, otherwise I’ll passout.”

At least he could have eaten it upstairs, but no!… he comes down with a toasted bagel with jelly and something to drink, and proceeds to eat it while we’re talking!
Another one of those “What the heck!” feelings!…and no…he didn’t even offer me a glass of water.

This could also fit in the “red flag” category. Eating in front of a client is never a great idea, and it generally shows the therapist can’t manage his/her day and attend to his/her own needs. A quick snack at the start of a session is certainly understandable, but stopping a session in progress, and then eating in front of the client is just unprofessional, not to mention rude!

Imagine if your M.D came in to examine you with a submarine sandwich in one hand, and a coke in the other!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to write…. a Halloween Nightmare…red flag #7…when your therapist takes your spouse on as a client and it’s not couples counseling!


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