The Connecticut Department of Public Health can not withhold the name of a LCSW Consultant!

***updated— see blog entry 11/29/10
I had been told throughout the complaint/petition process by the State of Ct. DPH that the name of the LCSW Consultant used can not be given out under CT. DPH “Department Regualtions”
The name of the LCSW in my complaint/petition has been redacted from all documents I’ve received through FOIA requests. This time when I submitted my FOIA request I specifically asked for the disclosure of the name of the LCSW who gave his opinion on my case. At first the DPH only sent files to me that had the consultants name once again redacted, and “ignored” my request for disclosure of the name of the LCSW consultant. I waited for a week or so to see if the information was being sent separately. Since it did not arrive, I contacted the CT.DPH by email and asked why the information was not included and was told that the investigator would have to check with her supervisor, who was away for the week and would return on Monday. I hadn’t heard anything until this past Wednesday so I sent yet another email contact and found out the information should arrive “by the end of the week”, which it did today! The information was sent out just as the “30 day” period for FOIA requests was expiring. (That “30 day” period can be extended as long as there is written (provable) contact with the office the information is requested from)

So as it turns out….the CT DPH cannot withhold the name of the LCSW Consultant. I am not going to print his name here, yet, but in my brief research of this person I have found out that the person is a State of Ct. Employee with a vested interest in the promotion of LCSW’s and (Social Workers). I will be calling the Office of State Ethics on Monday morning to find out if in fact this might be a conflict of interest as this person is a State Employee, and finding out that since he is actively engaged in the promotion of LCSW’s, whether or not he may have a serious professional bias in favor of LCSW’s in all Complaints/Petitions he evaluates for the CT. DPH. This should be interesting!

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