Mental Health Consumers not protected from Unethical Therapists

What motivation is there for State Boards and regulatory agencies to dole out disciplinary action or revoke/suspend the license of a Mental Health Professional? Putting a therapist “out of business” leads to a decrease in revenue for the State in which they reside. (Yes, in the “end game” this is politics…so it does matter whether your therapist is republican or democrat in the big picture!…it shouldn’t matter!)

Here are a few ways disciplining a Mental Health Professional effects $$$ in State coffers:

The therapist pays for the license, that is revenue to the state

The therapist (supposedly) pays income taxes, that is revenue to the state

The therapist pays for mandatory CEU’s and assuming they take them in State, again more revenue and taxes collected by the State

Every complaint filed takes resources to investigate…a loss of revenue to the State

Lower State revenue and the tax rates generally will go up which means people won’t be able to afford services like therapy…so again…lost revenue

So why does a regulatory agency want to do it’s job in protecting the public from the acts of unethical practitioners? This is it’s job, but it is over-written by $$$ and politics. Is it more important to protect citizens or bring money into State government? I guess it depends which “side you’re on”.

The truth is you are not protected in any way by State Licensing Boards and Regulatory agencies! IMO, they have an agenda to keep a unethical practitioner in business.


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