Some “Therapists don’t want you to get better”

by Simon Sinek
Therapists don’t want you to get better.
Lawyers don’t want to help you sort out your legal problems.
And consultants don’t want to help you find the quick and effective solution.
It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that their respective business models don’t encourage
them to help you. Their businesses only grow and they only reap personal rewards if the
engagement is prolonged. The more hours they work, the more money they make. This is the
problem with all professional services. They bill for their time, not for their value.
A therapist that charges $150 per hour can only make more money by raising the rate or working
more hours. And it’s much easier to keep an existing client coming in for more than going
out to find new ones. That’s so much work.
Imagine if professional service firms charged by the value they offered – the actual thing you
want – and not by how long they worked – something you probably don’t even care about
(unless you’re paying for it, of course). If you wanted to get over your anxiety, for example, the
therapist should tell you it will cost $5,000 (or whatever amount their confidence and reputation
would allow) to help you get over your problem whether it took a week or 5 years. Not
only would you be over your anxiety in a few weeks, you’d recommend the therapist to someone
else because they solved your problem. And, in short order, the therapist would make
MUCH more money and work vastly fewer hours. Everyone wins.
If time is the billable variable, then the value is commoditized. If the solution or result is the
thing sold, then efficiency goes up and differentiation sky rockets. If it’s results you’re looking
for then the lawyer, consultant or therapist will quickly get a reputation for getting things done.
The next time someone tries to sell you a “solution” then tells you how much it will cost based
on billable hours, scratch your head and ask, “are you selling me a solution or are you selling
me the time it will take you to find it?”
How they answer will tell you how much they care.

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