Anthony Maltese DPH “Consultant LCSW” in Connecticut

here is an update to my blog on 11/5/10…the name of “the fox guarding the chicken coop”

For anyone with a Licensing Board complaint at the DPH in Ct. against an LCSW that is having trouble getting the name of the consultant (peer reviewer) from the CT DPH (they continually redacted the info on paperwork I had received via FOIA)….his name likely is Anthony Maltese LCSW. I say “might be”  as they might have another consultant at this point, but in my discussions with the CT DPH they indicated that there are only a couple that they use as it is an unpaid for opinion…and (no suprise) it’s difficult to find someone to review the cases.  As I mentioned previously in this blog…there are no licensing boards in CT. for LCSW’s, MFT’s, LPC’s or LADC’s

There are no Statutes or Laws preventing the CT DPH from providing you with this information!

They just don’t “like to”….aaawww!

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