Connecticut Department of Public Health Quarterly Action Reports

Here’s a link to a report on some  “select”  Licensed Health Professionals in Connecticut.

The volume of hairdressers, and nurses still amazes me! So does the very low count of Mental Health Professionals…one LPC, and one Psychologist, who was mentioned as he “completed his probation” for incompetance/negligence…feel safe?
….and I still wonder what an embalmer can do wrong!


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  1. An article on how to deal with licensing boards, titled “When The LIcensing Board Comes Knocking: How To Respond To A Licensing Board Investigation And Protect Your License, Professional Career, And Livelihood” is available at

    • This is good info for a client to know as well! Filing Complaints with Licensing Boards can be quite confusing for clients due to the lack of information reported back (to the client) after the complaint is filed. What became interesting in the case I filed was that I found out there is no licensing board or adjudicating board of any sort for LCSW’s, LPC’s, or MFT’s in Ct.. Therapists holding those Licenses are under the direct jurisdiction of the Ct DPH,. The only review of the case is performed by one unpaid peer consultant.
      So essentially a client is going up against the therapist, an attorney, and a single peer reviewer, who may very well be completely “biased” in his professional opinions….there is no one to check his opinion! At least with a licensing board there are checks and balances.
      Not only that, but the way Ct. processes the complaint cases, the client never has a chance to “rebutt” or even review, what the therapist and attorney say in their response to the complaint before review by the peer consultant, or before any decision is made.. I had to refile a second complaint to rebut the lies and distortions in the therapist’s response…and they were blatant! Unfortunately, the peer reviewer “couldn’t decide” and called it a “he said/she said case”.
      The other difficulty I had with my case was that it involved two forms of insurance fraud committed by the therapist
      First, he billed and collected money from me when I had insurance coverage available ( he directly lied and told me the insurance company rejected his claims, and I “assumed” he was telling me the truth”…so much for honesty in the therapeutic relationship!)
      …. Anthem doesn’t send the client an EOB for services provided or denied, so I paid him in good faith and didn’t find out until a few months later that he in fact had lied. Believe it or not… I am still chasing down this $800!
      Second, he billed for services not provided in January 2007 and Feb 3, 2007, he billed for 10 sessions , when we only had 3!
      Before filing the State Complaint, I filed a complaint with the insurance company, The Therapist was forced to drop himself as a provider and payback the insurance company for sessions he did not provide for myself…..and sessions he didn’t provide for my ex-husband.

      My point with this is that the Ct DPH wouldn’t handle this part of my complaint saying that it was an Dept. of Insurance issue, and when I sent it to the Dept. of Insurance they said that they don’t regulate Health Care providers, only insurance companies…so it’s to be handled by the Ct DPH…who in turn….once again refused to review it for insurance fraud an the applicable violations of law and of the NASW code….even with the assistance of my State Representative!
      So it’s good to have regulations and ethics codes, but if there is no enforcement, the public is subject to harm by unethical, yet not always, “law violating”, practitioners.

      As you mention in #8 of your article, Licensing Boards are not interested if a client was “harmed”, unfortunately in Ct, they don’t seem to be interested if the law was violated either!

      It is my opinion that States want to keep Licensing fees, income taxes, property taxes coming into State coffers and have a vested interest in keeping a therapist in business.

  2. …by the way… this therapist did have his BCD credential revoked by the ABECSW as he lied to them when reapplying for his annual membership. What he did, was let his membership lapse while the case was ongoing…when the case was “over” he reapplied under “emeritus status” ( he was not retired and he held(holds) active licenses in CT and NY). In filing his application he had to attest to whether or not he had a complaint filed against him by any Licensing Agency or Professional Oragizstion and he failed to report the complaint filed with the CT DPH. They investigated and as a result they revoked his credential and his membership

  3. I am so angry at the sheer audacity that some practitioners in this state are set free to “practice” again. They cause harm to families, and are allowed to go out and do it again ! It’s a disgrace.

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