necessary loss of a therapist

On this day three years ago my former therapist found out that I reported him for insurance fraud …Wow was that an uncomfortable discussion, starting at 430pm in the evening and lasting  5 hours into the night!
  Leonard R. morphed into a  worm….visibly wriggling and contorting himself to convince me I was the “bad guy” who needed forgiveness for my “grievous error”  in reporting him to the insurance company for insurance fraud! 
That he attempted to make this “grist for the mill” in a therapeutic sense boggled my brain! I was no longer a client of his in the first place….second, he did something illegal, not just unethical! Yet he went forth that night proclaiming that he was the person wronged….that I should have told him the detailed consequences of what would happen if he did not pay back the insurance company and have my sessions reinstated….( he had failed to fulfill his end of a deal we had made after I caught the insurance fraud in February 2007 that he would not place claims with the insurance company for the next 7 sessions until we caught up  with the number of sessions he had already billed for….sounded like a easy, clear deal to me! The dumbass went ahead and put the claims in anyway) He had had almost a year, 8 months in which he was no longer considered to be “my therapist” to do this,
After considering my options for a several months, and realizing that Leonard R was a “man of many words”…..but not a “man of his word” I turned the issue over to the insurance company….and later to the State of Connecticut Department of Public health. (there is no Licensing Board in Ct.)
 I most had to answer to myself as to why I even agreed to have this discussion with him! Why had  I placed myself in this sort of situation?
 It wouldn’t even be a brief consideration today!   I wouldn’t make it through the first session with a therapist like Leonard R…perhaps not even the first phone call…the red flags were flying then and there!

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well! The flu is not fun!
    Congrats on the disappearance!
    Keep posting! Have you posted on yet? It allows “anonymous” postings…

  2. Another small victory? Is it possible?

    The background: My bad ex-therapist has an arrangement with a licensed psychologist. When he supervises one of her cases, it is eligible for coverage under employer insurance plans and the like. The client must see the psychologist first, who would then refer them back to her. Without that supervision, the case is ineligible and the client pays out of their own pocket. She explained all of this to me at our first meeting and since I did not want involve my employer in any way, I did not choose that option. This arrangement must be quite a money-spinner for the psychologist, as his website lists a whole bunch of therapists. No doubt it’s also good business for the therapists since there are only so many people able or willing to pay out of pocket for therapy.

    I probably became a mark the moment she realized that I could afford therapy on my own. When she told me her fee, I didn’t blink an eye. (Not that I’m wealthy, I just knew going in what the cost was likely to be.) No matter what, she was going to find plenty of things wrong with me to justify pitching me on long-term therapy.

    Since part of my complaint involved the therapist’s misrepresentation of her services on her various online profiles, I’ve monitored them pretty carefullly over the last year to see if she tries to change anything. Ages ago I noticed that her profile on the psychologist’s website has a small line way down at the bottom that says she is not currently accepting new clients. I thought that might have something to do with my complaint, and it had to stay up while the case was pending.

    Now the case is over. I checked this profile again, and now it has a line about not accepting new clients, in bold right at the top of her profile! Hmmm…

    I’m pretty sure that she is in fact still taking new clients. It’s a rare therapist who is fully booked for a year. Her website certainly suggests that she is open for business, and so do the new profiles she’s added on listing sites.

    So I’m wondering, and boy do I hope I’m right, that the psychologist was unimpressed with her conduct re: my case and has suspended her, or is re-considering his association with her. Which has got to hit her where it hurts – the pocketbook!

    If I can cost her more lost business than she ever got out of me, that would be some sweet justice.

    • I’m sort of confused …why did she have to be under supervision in order for your therapy to be covered under insurance? Usually that sort of arrangement would indicate the therapist is not yet licensed…for example an msw working on the required 2000-3000 hrs. of clinical experience for their lcsw credential. Unfortunately since your case was dismissed it’s unlikely that that’s why “accepting new clients” has changed….but it is always possible.

      It would be more likely that if she was working on her clinical experience and finishing up her clinical hours and leaving the “practice” that she wouldn’t take on new clients.
      It could also be that she was a poor therapist, and it was reported to the psychologist….but not the licensing board…and she essentially was told to wrap up her work ( and provide proper termination) with those clients she has and then….see ya!
      Need more info….would you mind posting her website here? I’d like to see this therapist’s “credentials” I can always “unapprove” or delete it…so it wouldn’t remain posted here

      Not sure what’s up here

    • darn….I just remembered your not in the US….not sure of the arrangement in Ontario. Still would like to see her website

      • The Ontario system is a whole other kettle of fish! So all of what I just wrote probably sounded nuts to an American reader.

        Psychotherapy isn’t regulated here yet, but it’s coming. In the meantime, a number of regulatory “colleges” (similar to the UK system) cover psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists, who have been sort of pre-approved to do psychotherapy. My ex-therapist is a social worker, so technically she is allowed to do psychotherapy (well anyone can right now, but not after regulation kicks in).

        There is very limited coverage for psychotherapy by the govt health plan, but some employers offer supplemental health benefits that include it, though there are usually caps on it. Since the insurance companies that manage these plans don’t want to pay for quack therapies if they can help it, they will usually only pay for full-fledged psychologists. “Psychologist” is a protected title here.

        So her arrangement with the psychologist really is just about getting access to insurance company $$$. I assume the psychologist gets a cut. It sounds dodgy as hell but in an unregulated environment, anything goes.

        Clear as mud, eh?

      • I’m starting to think that a therapists minimum qualification here should be psycholgist.
        The only reason there are other qualifications is so that more people have access to “mental health care”, the insurance companies can pay less, and so that the States can bring in more money in licensing fees….and therefore taxes!
        As of right now there is MAJOR healthcare reform going on and I think we will have more of a” Canadian Model” ultimately , a National Healthcare system of sorts which will overall reduce the benefits and limit choice over a period of time. The uS is in alot of trouble right now….and it’s going to get worse….too long to go into here but you can get the idea from the latest posts on my blog.

        I get it!

      • by the way….after reading through the link you sent and her own website….your ex-t seems to think she’s very talented and wonderful…can she actually emotionally connect with anyone….or just talk at them?

  3. LOL – yes, my ex-t does think she’s wonderful! And that’s all that matters to her – her own opinion!

    As a side note, take whatever you hear about Canadian health system with a massive grain of salt. It’s certainly not perfect but it’s also very different from what the media describes.

    For an e.g. I personally know someone whose child was airlifted to hospital the same day after hurting his neck at summer camp. The kid was fine, they just wanted to do a special test to make sure. But those stories never get reported because it doesn’t make for juicy “HEALTH CARE CRISIS” headlines.

    But getting back to psychotherapy regulation – yeah, it’s totally effed up.

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