Closer to the truth about the SEBAC Agreement for Connecticut State Employees

Getting closer to the truth about the State Employee Concessions Agreement and one part of what we’re voting for????Read the below links…this is interesting,.educational and enlightening for the Taxpaying private sector and State Employees (who are Taxpayers, also! ) Wish I had seen these when they were originally published!
So it would seem that Governor Malloy wants to change State employee insurance so non profits can “buy in” at a more affordable rate…but not the public sector. Could explain the hard line stance on “compliance” in the union framework, as a healthy group of people would be needed to offset the expenses and claims of those not so. I would sure hope that those non profits proposing to”buy in” would be held to the same standards and premium penalties for non compliance as they would be asking State Employees to maintain, and be forced to sign a compliance agreement as well!
….and State Employees are being “threatened” with layoffs, punitive fines for non compliance,  and the public is being ” threatened” with cuts to programs and reduced state services ….all so this can occur?!
Doesn’t the State Employees Campaign for Charitable Giving already exist?
 (A reminder too that non profits do not pay taxes)
Are our benefits truly  “unsustainable”  or are they ” unsustainable ” in light of this proposed buy in, and the future public option?
Of course the 2017 agreement would need to be opened first…to allow any of this to take place….and I am hearing more and more “NO’s” everyday….mostly “NO’s” at this point.
VOTE NO! … if only for the displayed lack of transparency and dishonesty of this process by the Union Leaders  and the Malloy administration !
To SteveHC…. I don’t approve the comments of “online Trolls”…

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