Malloy Administration to pitch the Media Friday regarding the SEBAC deal and Connecticut State Employees

Malloy Administration to sell the SEBAC deal to the media Friday

Be Aware for what you hear and see this weekend on TV and in the newspaper! The media will be in a feeding frenzy and will publish just about any sales point the Adiminstration wants them to.

From the Article  “We knew there was going to be a lot of misinformation out there and things would be written that were incorrect,” Occhiogrosso said. “Some of you guys are confused, and rightfully so. It’s a complex agreement. ”

Telling others they are confused and that things are complex  is a common a manipulation known as “gaslighting” According to Robin Stern “Gaslighting is the systematic attempt by one person to erode another’s reality. This is done by telling them that what they are experiencing isn’t so – and, the gradual giving up on the part of the other person.” from 

Remember 1.there is no Value Based Insurance plan that exists on paper with Anthem or United/Oxford

2. The Value Based insurance plan (the plan yet to be created as noted in the framework) is the start of socialized healthcare in Ct….oops sorry …mean “universal health care”. If the State Employee Plan is opened to non profits and municipalities, it will follow shortly thereafter that it will become “The Public Option”….aka. socialized healthcare …aka Universal health care…and it’s costs will initially be funded directly  by State Employees…read up on the former” Sustinet Plan” for details. Iwrote about it a few months ago in this blog:   There you will also find also find links to the plan …I’ll call it the ” plan formerly known as Sustinet” as it has maintained it’s structure, but moderated to a “slower” implentation to the public.

3. Current contracts with Anthem and United/Oxford expire  July 1, 2012 , as stated in the original framework letter… and ONLY until then….there are no guarantees your provider or insurance company will remain the same after that…regardless of what you are told.

4. Voting No means you keep the exact insurance plan you have until it is renegotiated for July 1,2012. when most union contracts are up to be renewed. No fines or penalties!

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  1. […]…   SustiNet deal reached, but without a ‘public option’ | The Connecticut Mirror   […]

  2. […] Connecticut State employees need full disclosure on the SEBAC agreement before voting Posted on May 17, 2011 by wisdomovertime Yes and No Voters…There is not a health plan that has been “created” yet  …  read the framework agreement.  If you call Anthem Insurance (as I did today) they will tell you there is no “value added” or “value based” program for State Employees to send you information about. This agreement allows the Malloy administration and Union leaders to “create” whatever they want. If you vote yes… you are voting for something that does not exist yet….there is no  plan ….only a concept! This plan could end up costing you thousands “out of pocket” and you are not being told that!     Can you answer these questions based on the info you have been provided in the framework?   Is your family covered? or only the State Employee? If so, are they also required to sign a binding “commitment contract” and comply? How much does it cost per family member? Are family members held to the same standards as employees? What is the cost for a family plan where the employee decides for the opt out and pay the $100 fee instead of the joining the compliance plan? Is it $100 for each family member? Other than preventive care….what is covered? What is the reimbursement rate and how much are the co-pays for diagnostics not related to preventive care? Do they pay for MRI’s or Ultrasounds…what is your share? Surgery room expenses? Would they pay for a  needed knee replacement or tell you that what you get is a cane and pain meds? Do they pay for psychotherapy or are you required to take psych meds instead….or would you be forced to take them to comply with the health management team? Will your children/family members be mandated to take “needed” vaccinations because your Doctor recommends them as part of their health care plan( ie . will your daughter be forced to receive the Guardasil Vaccine which still is being studied for it’s long term effects? Define non-compliance with the plan completely.   These questions need to be answered before the vote is taken. “Value Added” and “Value Based” Healthcare is a whole different concept than what you are used to dealing with! Call the number on your insurance card  and ask the representative  for information for the announced ”State Employees Value Added plan” As I was told earlier today…they have no information about it, yet this plan is supposed to start up July 1, 2011….???   We do not have enough info to vote on this package! also see   and… […]

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