2011 SEBAC Agreement: SustiNet?/Pooling Plan?/ “The Plan with No Name”

You may hear in the coming days from your Union reps/Stewards claims that the insurance plan for State Employees they are trying to force on us is not  SustiNet. Ok then let’s call it.. “The Plan fomerly known as SustiNet. It’s being billed as a “value based plan” or “wellness plan”, or a “pooling option”. Yes, Husky, non Profits and Municiplaities will be invited to participate (Husky plans will be placed in it)

They cut the public option FOR NOW…and “renamed the concept”.   Union Leaders/ Negotiators are trying to separate themselves from their deeply held self interests in organizations and foundations involved in the creation of SustiNet and this SustiNet type plan.   See this —https://wisdomovertime.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/sebac-2011-and-possible-conflicts-of-interest-of-union-negotiators/

Of course there is NO ACTUAL Plan yet. The Tentative Agreement (when wwe get it) may show models, and what ideally the plan will look like, but without the ACTUAL Plan I would be paying for and be covered by infront of me in HARD COPY, I will not even give it a second thought!  Plans with United and Anthem are good until July 1, 2012….it’s after that we are being asked to accept  a “pooling option” with no name and we have no hard evidence to support the concept.

Remember…voting NO keeps your insurance plan and pension in tact until 2017 or until the next time the Administration screws with it!

VOTE NO !!!!!!! Here is a article that explains what happened with “The Plan Formerly Known As SustiNet”


SustiNet Name Lives On (Sans Public Option)

May 17, 2011- Posted by editor in Healthcare


Governor Malloy reached an agreement with the Universal Healthcare Foundation of Connecticut on the SustiNet proposal — at least for this year. It follows the recent announcement that the governor reached a similar agreement with legislative leaders on SustiNet.

SustiNet was originally envisioned to be a state-run health insurance public option, utilizing the state’s self-insured government health plans as the basis for the program that would have been open to every company and individual in Connecticut – eventually.

It would have been a very risky move since the state itself (and not an insurance company) would have had to pay for the medical bills of participating patients, without knowing the risk-profiles of these individuals.

However, things have apparently changed. The agreement now calls for replacing the original SustiNet proposal with a scaled-back version of the perennial “pooling” bill. Under the agreement, SustiNet would open the state employee health plan to municipalities and certain nonprofits.

Noticeably absent from the agreement is the creation of a public health insurance option. However, the agreement also creates the Governor’s SustiNet Healthcare Cabinet, which would evaluate, among other things, the viability of a public option.

We are greatly encouraged about the details of the agreement. And we are hopeful that the new Cabinet will truly evaluate the risks, costs and benefits of a public option, and not merely rubber-stamp the proposal.

Also in the agreement is a new Office of Health Reform and Innovation that would centralize Connecticut’s efforts to implement federal reform and create a federally required health insurance exchange.

Congratulations to all those involved in crafting what appears to be a rational alternative to the misguided public option concept and towards implementing real healthcare reform in our state. — Eric George

 also   http://www.ctmirror.com/story/12603/sustinet-backers-administration-reach-agreement-plan-forward

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