2011 SEBAC Agreement: Thoughts on Voting (heck) No ! ! !

Maybe it’s time for “the stuff to hit the fan” for everyone…not just State Employees. The economy of this state will  not change until the whole picture is taken in and analyzed. Specialized long term donations from 45000 will not resolve the problems Connecticut faces….but only placate a public that already has a negative perception of State Employees. No matter which way the vote goes the public view of State Employees will remain the same, and in fact, a yes vote could make it worse by having the public thinking that we don’t even deserve our jobs. That’s the consequence of public service for everyone involved!  
Carefully made cuts  to programs where money is wasted  are what is needed. Please …did anyone know that one of the plan B cuts at DSS is the continued elimination of the “casino bus run” see here (http://www.andr.org/New_Folder/News/MallCuts050611.pdf) . (think your own thoughts on that!)
IMO…Special Interest Groups like the Universal Health Care Foundation of Ct. should not be allowed to influence State Policy (SustiNet/Healthcare Pooling), whether SEBAC considers this a conflict of interest or not, from my perspective it is. 
SEBAC apparently doesn’t see having Dan Livingston, Chairman of the Board of CHART ( The parent organization of the Universal Healthcare Foundation of Ct.) performing State Employee Union negotiations on our health benefits  as a conflict of interest, as unions in SEBAC support Universal Healthcare, and have received grants to support the education and promotion of universal healthcare   through “Organizing and Advocacy Grants”  http://www.universalhealthct.org/grants-grants.php  to”Inform and engage individuals, small businesses, health care providers, and communities of faith, advocates, labor, and other key constituencies to participate in a collective call for quality, affordable health care for every Connecticut resident. The main focus of these groups was on state health reform, with some grantees also providing education and mobilizing individuals and groups regarding federal health care reform” from their website.
However….As individual union members,you or I may not think that way or support universal healthcare, or any other organizations with political motivations that may be supported by SEBAC. So specifically applied to this scenario….SEBAC’s interests might clash directly with the interests of many union members!
Real “concessions” are temporary…. meaning  jobs cut by lay offs, that later can be refilled, furlough days assigned, that can be removed and a 35 hour work week, that can be extended and funds restored to programs that are cut  … when (and if) the economy improves.
 The long term structural changes requested to our pensions and health benefits have resulted  from the “borrowing” by the past administrations who did not make the required deposits into our pension funds, in order to replace money from tax breaks handed out to banks and corporations, this money was never replaced  
Do not open the 2017 Agreement! It is  extremely unlikely ( I don’t like the word “impossible” but… ) that any Governor or adminstration will come in and offer us “more” in the future.
We may get hammered in 2017, or perhaps by then we will have less impulsive administration, but that is 6 years from now. I see no rational reason to give that up now.
 While my heart goes out to those who may suffer (including us!)…this decision has to be made on business level, using a logical thinking process….the Governor is making his decisions based on that model…you might want to do so as well.
I will be voting no … heck NO!
see update 6/5/11
https://wisdomovertime.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/1431/  for  more thoughts on voting heck NO!

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  1. Jon,

    I like this new blog.


  2. If the Gov. is so hot for us to approve this agreement, why do we have to attend meetings on our own time. This is for his benefit, it’s a net loss for us and to add insult to injury we have give up personal time so that we can give him our money. Stop trying to put honey on a turd. The facts are either the younger workers lose temporarily, or we all lose for good. There’s no positives to this agreement. It’s less than 2 yrs. since our last concessions and the State is screwing us out of one year of our consolation prize 2 1/2 % & a step. It (extortion and threats of layoffs) worked for them once, and they’re back. If it works for them twice, how long do you think it’ll be before they come back a third time.

    • Yes the 2011 Tentative Agreement is insulting!
      Over the years the State work force has become even more “street smart”, savvy and intelligent . We’ve seen enough of these to know to look for missing information, and vague phrases, and open time frames … ie. I think we all know Anthems and United/Oxford contracts expire July 1, 2012….how can they guarantee you’ll be able to see your current doctor after that? They can’t…but will lead you to think they gave you an answer at these meeting! How much will “paying into your last three years to retire “on time” cost…they don’t have that answer yet and it says so in the Agreement!…it says “to be calculated”. What makes anyone think they won’t change the age again in 2022 to 67? what makes anyone think we would see the last 3% in the 2011 Agreement? As you said…the 2011 Agreement would eliminate the 2.5% and step agreed on in the 2009 Agreement!
      I do think what a person does, says much more about that person, than what they say. (Actions vs Words)

      Personally I will not be attending the Q&A sessions….It seems the unions think that members asking questions will change the answers! I have my answer and that is NO! No matter how they spin/distort/and manipulate this…. it is a horrible deal!
      Perhaps they hope that they can perform a mass “stage” hypnosis and change the minds of those who are afraid to stand up and state a clear NO!

      I actually do have one question ….what if they had a meeting and no one showed up ?

  3. I just posted a comment at 4:25 (which is awaiting moderation). I just realized that I put my name on there. Could you please change that, so the name reads Fed Up. I would appreciate my real number not being used. Thank you.

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