2011 SEBAC Agreement: You’ve got to be kidding…the numbers don’t add up? updated 6/7/11

Any state employees suprised by this?…check out these two articles…guess we’re not the only ones without enough information!  Read the link to the SEBAC _Chart.pdf …if you had questions that went unanswered by union reps …the  Ct.OFA is asking the same questions!

Legislative analysts lack details to confirm full concession savings

By Keith M. Phaneuf


” With the legislature poised to effectively pre-ratify the tentative concession deal with state employees, their nonpartisan fiscal analysts say they are unable to verify that the $1.6 billion in projected savings is fully achievable.” 

OFA Drops Bomb On Lawmakers by Christine Stuart | Jun 6, 2011



“The fiscal note compiled by the Office of Fiscal Analysis says it can’t verify the savings and concessions estimated by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration because it doesn’t have enough information.”

If the legislature doesn’t have enough details to make an informed decision on their vote, how do we?

 Updates 6/7/11

Malloy Defends Labor Agreement Estimates; Warns Of Layoffs  by Christine Stuart


“Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Tuesday morning that it doesn’t really matter what the Office of Fiscal Analysis says about the $1.6 billion union concession package”

Republicans Question Cost-Savings Estimates In Union Deal; Experts Cannot Verify Numbers


3 Responses

  1. It’s going to get voted down anyway, so it doesn’t much matter.

    • Hi Chris

      I just got back from an informational session and I am still a Heck NO! It”s interesting to hear about the “new plan”, but quite honestly ,the pension changes are the deal killer for many of us. No guarantees for the Agreement not to be opened again or what can happen after 2022.! Even choosing the healthare plan, without the HEP Plan, the insurance is affordable and almost reasonable request. I could accept the healthcare with no changes to pension,but not the other way around. The problem with all of this still is in the fact is that we have an agreement that was not opened or negotiated on approval of the members but only on the discretion of union executives .

  2. Attention State Employees- Vote NO on the contract. It is all very hush, hush, but on excellent authority, there is a second contract in the works in the event of a no vote on the present SEBAC contract. This second contract would eliminate the controversial health benefits change with no layoffs.

    At meetings throughout the state, unions are pushing for passage of SEBAC in its present form, by employing scare tactics and the threat of layoffs. But, behind the scenes it is a different story. In the face of unforseen opposition by the rank and file, the Governor and others secretly acknowledge that they may have gone too far. But, expect denials by union and government officials, because they have their own agendas.

    Vote NO. When the second contract eliminates the health care provision, it will still be a “Win- Win” for all. The employees will not have to worry about a nebulous health care plan and layoffs and the state will still achieve its financial savings though increased contributions to the pension fund, raising the age of retirement, and concessions on raises and longevity. Remember there is strength in numbers.

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