Treams (Tree Dreams)

Treams (Tree Dreams)
I dream now as winter ends of the fruit of my dreams
I dream new leaves to feed my roots
I dream sweet smelling flowers to share with the winds
I dream the creatures that will hum and sing among my limbs
I dream the children I shall bear
I dream their growing and maturing
I dream the dreams of their seeds of their dreams


Where to live forever in the moment is to truly be,
Crystalline vision of what we see
The mind relates deep,
In labyrinths we seek,
Awakened consciousness reigns,
Reality is formless, in planes.
Life force and spirit guide us along,
Brilliant colors vibrate as if sound,
Hours, minutes and seconds are just a list,
Being one with all is simply to exist.
Where “to know” means “more”,
On opening the door,
And the energy and light,
Glow warm and intensely bright!

Inner Wolf

lone wolf howls at a full moon
calling out to a god exists within
the center of all universes and his own

lone wolf sees worlds within worlds
envisioning and encompassing all life as one
unified dynamic cycle

lone wolf hears the call of his master
who tells him what his heart needs to follow
he listens intently to the gentle winds

lone wolf senses the magnetic forces
which guide his internal compass
he feels love guiding his every move

lone wolf smells the coming changes
takes shelter in the storm
and plays in the shade of trees in the heat of the summer sun
he drinks from a flowing cool spring
replenishing his life from a source unknown, yet everlasting

lone wolf watches all his kind
winged,legged and scaled
dance in the movement of life

lone wolf howls
connecting to god within

Laughter of Stars

Laughter of Stars

conscious matrix…
connecting souls…

I am soul.
all existing…
always …
will be.
eleven tribes…
golden ones…
quest of light encountered…
in the form of sound.
chaos, peace co-exist…
love being here
transfigured energy,
we are…
laughter of stars.