Temporary injunction issued to halt Gov. Scott Walker’s law restricting collective bargaining rights

 Public employees won a reprieve Friday as a judge issued a temporary restraining order to halt Gov. Scott Walker’s law to sharply limit collective bargaining for government employees.



To whomever has the sick mind in Stratford, Ct. …

To whomever it was that decided the place to dispose of two books was on a public street in Startford ,CT. I, and many others, would appreciate if the next time you can at least find a dumpster to dispose of your child pornographic material. I realize you probably were feeling deep shame and disgust when you chose to toss these books out your car window, but you left them where anyone, including an innocent child could find them.
The police were notified, and although they probably won’t be able to track you and your sick mind…please think twice next time!