What if we were raised by our pets?

Another adoption took place today. The proud new parents are the mom, a white Persian who goes by the name of Mia and the dad a black Maine Coon who goes by the name Owen. They named their new human addition Joy. I was invited to attend the celebration in honor of this occasion and interviewed the new parents as to how they would be raising their child.


I asked Mia if she knew this baby was the spirit-child “meant to be with her and she told me the following story.”A long time ago when society was different and the humans adopted us…I remembered this as a feeling…I had a very special caretaker…to whom I promised that if I could ever return her kindness …I would…well my new child Joy is that spirit…Owen will tell you the same.. as he and I have been together before…we shared the same litter box one time…please don’t tell anyone that part” …I laughed and said I wouldn’t let anyone know.


I then asked Mia and Owen to just tell me they thought was important and let them inform me.


Owen started with a smile on his long whiskered face…and began to tell me how things were at one time. “See” he said, “When humans took care of us, most didn’t understand that our love is unconditional. No matter how our caretakers treated us… we loved them …we knew their “problems” were caused by their disconnection with “all there is”. … for the purposes of telling this story to you I say we always innocently “understood”  that connection…in fact we really don’t know any difference.


Mia then added ” it seemed some of my caretakers forgot I lived with them…stopping only to scratch my head as I purred and rubbed against their legs  before they ran out the door…but I knew they would return…and though I felt hungry ….  I knew they would fill my food bowl when dark arrived. Later I could jump up on their beds and find a warm snuggly place.


 Owen then jumped in and said many of his lives weren’t like as Mia’s…”I spent several lives as a “tomcat” living in the world of trash cans and hunting for my dinner…brown mice were a delicacy and every so often, an open window gave me access to a warm furnace on a cold frosty night.


Both then smiled as they glanced at Joy…who was sleeping peacefully within Owens paws.


Mia excused herself to greet to a guest who just arrived.


“You’re too young to remember the great transition aren’t you?” Owen said to me.


I nodded “yes”.

“It’s really very simple” he said. Humans had abused the resources that were offered to them freely…and the Masters needed to make a change in order for a new paradigm to emerge within the universe. ..the Masters saw that the animal pets here demonstrated the essence of love needed to raise the vibrations of this place of learning, and just like that, we became the caretakers of the humans…they became essentially “our pets”

It was quite a shock at first but we were happy to assist in love…the humans just took to the idea …pardon this…but… like fish to water. While they still create their children they then give them to us to until they grow into adulthood.


A human adult used to be considered an adult at the age of eighteen but as this never really worked anyway…they were so immature….we usually let them go around the age of 13 to possibly 15…remember our time in these furry bodies is not what as long as a human life. Since all energy must equalize, in exchange for our caring of them, the humans must take in and care for one of our “mature citizens” until they transition back to “all there is”


As Owen was finishing his story Mia had returned and took Joy into her arms to nourish her.


I can see Owen has been fascinating you with the story of our society.


I said, “It seems wonderful”!


She then told me that they raise the humans just as they would their own children…with unconditional love.  “A child is never punished… because really he’s done nothing wrong…he’s shown how his actions effect others and how all life is interconnected and yet completely free. The child is counseled that he is a unique individual, as are all beings. Therefore, as he learns to respect himself and his family members he will come to respect all other beings as being as unique as he is. He will realize that he has his own inherent talents and gifts to give, and that by using them wisely; he will find his path and place within society where his heart naturally resides. By contributing at this level he will bring happiness into the world community daily and will be able to live his life honestly. He will be in connection with a quiet stillness within that tells him when he is not in harmony with himself, and therefore all other creatures. His actions will match his words, and he will be a role model and guide for others. By living honestly he will always have what he needs and will not take more than necessary. He will realize that all the planets resources are meant to be shared by all beings… and that he really needs very little in order to live well.”


Mia once again needed to interact with her guests but finished by saying that “The child is always treated with kindness and patience regardless of his actions and is encouraged in any activity that is health promoting”. She carried Joy with her this time to share this little “light of love” with others.


Owen and I sat quietly with each other for a few minutes…we were both beginning to feel the effects of the catnip tea being served this afternoon. Owen suddenly jumped up to catch a spider that started to descend from the ceiling and mercifully let it go…he then pointed with his large black paw at the web the spider had constructed. He said, “spider uses this web to nourish herself and as well a place to rest her legs…it takes her time to build this geometric castle and small children can destroy her work quicker than the wind…and yet she builds again an artistic masterpiece showing the matrix of our interconnectedness…we are only as strong as our connection to each other…if one strand falls the others will support it…but if half the strands are torn the web becomes ineffective and must be built again….it’s all a process of building and rebuilding  and of creating and recreating , never complete and never quite done in the same exact way twice…our art shows us the natural perfection of our hearts and of love. When we all co-operate we support each others dreams and goals for the betterment of all creature- kind, we encourage each other to do and be our best and live in gratitude for what we have and what we can share…we lessen each others individual burdens while creating a power far greater…the power of one unified creation!”


Listening and watching the glow about him as he had spoken brought a feeling of ecstasy out from within my core and I lay back on the cool green grass, in the warm afternoon sun and took it all in.  Owen gently padded over to join Mia and Joy. The three together had this magical presence that felt like liquid silk, radiating outward to infinity, enveloping the souls of all present.


I must have fallen asleep, and when I awoke, noticed that all the guests had departed. Mia and Owen were watching the sunset over the water and snacking on some trout, freshly caught by a couple of nearby fishermen, as Joy just up from her nap, giggled and seemed to be fascinated with her tiny toes.

A question came to me, how did these two meet this lifetime? Mia told me about the litter box and that they’d been together before, but she never said how they met this time around. My mind projected some thoughts like maybe they met on some rickety backyard fence, possibly chasing mice they bumped into each other, or perhaps while shopping for scratching posts at Feline’s.


Well, why wonder?  I got up and wandered on over a little closer to the edge of the river where they were sitting.


“Welcome back my friend, did you have a nice catnap?” Owen asked. “It was quite refreshing” I replied as I stretched my spine. I woke up wondering how you two met each other…would you share that with me.  Mia smiled and looked into Owens eyes and for a second it suddenly it seemed that the two were one cat!

I rubbed my eyes and everything looked normal again. “Something bothering you my friend” Owen said. “No…uhhh …I just uhhh…never mind…I mean… well it looked like…” I stammered. They both laughed kindly at my naiveté of their world.


“You’re adorable” Mia said to me as she touched my cheek with her paw. “What you just saw was our one soul. A long time ago when this universe was created some entities of love split their souls in order to accomplish more tasks upon multiple planes of reality. Sometimes while one soul is on this earth plane, the other exists in the ethereal realm to offer guidance to the other and complete work on that level of soul for both entities. It’s not often that both our souls are embodied here at the same time, but our soul chose this experience this time so we can help other beings like yourself learn just how loving this universe is. So Owen and I while separate physically, are indeed one energy body of light.” Owen added, “Love is always present, it’s just a question of whether we can see through the illusions here. Everything you see merely a reflection like a mirror.”


“Come next to the water with me”, he said and I followed. “We can both see ourselves in the water…and if I move my paw my reflection does the same, but it’s not me…only a view of me that you and I can see right now. That cat over on the other side of the river sees me moving my paw and thinks I’m waving to him even though it’s not what I intended with my paw motion. He sees me as a friendly stranger and is waving back. Is what he perceives any more real than our reflections in the water? Or is it any less real than you and I standing here in this moment? I’ll let you ponder that my friend.”


My mind was a bit blurred and everything seemed wavy and very bright. Mia said to sit down and feel my body on the ground….I did …and my focus began to return.


 “You asked how we actually met this time”?


 “Yes, that was my question; I was beginning to think I shouldn’t have asked.”


 She smiled and told me that she and Owen met while living in the same neighborhood. “I was outside one spring day walking around my front yard when I noticed a new cat moving in across the street. He looked over at me and when our eyes met I knew him immediately and he knew me…it was as if the world stopped…this magnetic energy could be felt between us 100 feet away…and

my heart felt this tingly warmth I hadn’t experienced before. In those days I was a bit shy…so I tried not to pay attention to him … yet my soul could not ignore this force we’ve discovered to be what real spiritual love is.”


Owen and I have been together in other lifetimes and each lifetime previously held different lessons for our soul to learn…we were never fully awake in our other lives…this time it seems that we have a mission together to help and wake up the all unique beings to the love that is, “all there is”.


Owen then reflected for a moment and then said, “Mia and I have come together over and over again to re-mind each other of our ever present connection not only to each other but to everything that we see and what we don’t see. After the great transition, it became our duty as teachers to raise the energetic vibrations of the humans, and soon it will no longer be necessary for us to do so.”

He continued, “As generations have evolved into knowing unconditional love as the way of all life they have come to depend on us less and less and their learning has become lightening quick…at the speed of thought so to speak. Some call it telepathy. It allows us to communicate without even being in the same location…all done in a state of pure love…it’s what you felt when you experienced Mia and me merge our energy back into one soul. We could not have communicated that experience to you with words.”


We all sat feeling love…radiating all around.


Joy was smiling and cooing and what I heard her saying was, “I am here to share love with all beings, it is our natural state. I will live these days in gratitude for all beings will share love back with me.”


I thanked them for sharing themselves with me and went to where I come from

to write this message of love to share with you.




(published in Pet Across America vol 2)

Laughter of Stars

Laughter of Stars

conscious matrix…
connecting souls…

I am soul.
all existing…
always …
will be.
eleven tribes…
golden ones…
quest of light encountered…
in the form of sound.
chaos, peace co-exist…
love being here
transfigured energy,
we are…
laughter of stars.