Psychotherapist who thinks he’s a wireless device

I had never even heard of Derek O’Neill when a friend mentioned she was going to his NYC workshop, then I received an email notifying me of it. So I thought maybe I should check out this self proclaimed “healer, spiritual teacher”, “accomplished motivational analyst, renowned psychotherapist, and inspired public speaker” (ok…ever heard of a motivational analyst?!)
So I opened the email and read the advert for his upcoming workshop “More truth will set you free”. Let’s see…more or less another “snake oil salesman “claiming to set people free from “the chains that bind them” yadda, yadda…there are as many of these guys as burgers at MacDonalds…and this stuff is fast food…but this guy says ” His message is in alignment with all the tried and tested philosophies throughout history”…… he’s a copy cat who is just out to make a buck off vulnerable people looking for miracle???

Ok….how much is he charging for his remarkable-ness???
Here we go…from the email…
“Exchange: For live attendance, $100 until February 20 (11:59pm tonight). After February 20, exchange is $120. For non-SQ members, your live workshop registration includes a trial membership in SQ Wellness ($45 value).”

“For remote attendance, exchange is $30 for SQ members. For non-SQ members, exchange is $75 which includes a trial membership in SQ Wellness ($45 value), OR $50 without a trial membership”

Remote Attendance????????? He must mean TV? No.
Conference call? No. Must be internet/skype…No… not that either!
Here is how Derek O’Neill presents his workshop remotely:
from the email and his website…
“Attending Derek’s More Truth Will Set You Free workshops remotely is a powerful experience. Much energy and<<< benefit>>> will come to you wherever you are. When attending remotely, you can either sit quietly or in meditation at the time of the workshop and tune into the energy of the class, or you can go about your day as usual. Either way, the energy will travel directly from the workshop to you. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: “Derek’s workshops are not broadcast on-line or otherwise videotaped”. No need to sign on through your computer or be on the phone. Just relax and enjoy the experience”.
I won’t go into telepathy or psychic transmission theories…what I’m actually amazed at is that he sets a fee for this invisible non-evidence based practice and expects to be paid for it!
He apparently believes he is a wireless device and that people should pay him for his transmission over the airwaves…can I be arrested for theft if I “tune in” without paying the workshop fee?

It gets better…go back up and read where I wrote PAY ATTENTION TO THIS again….it says “Derek’s workshops are not broadcast on-line or otherwise videotaped”. No need to sign on through your computer or be on the phone. Just relax and enjoy the experience”
….and below you see the following:
“Please note, your attendance to this workshop is subject to the following terms and conditions:
“You understand that the workshop may be <<<videotaped>>> and/or audio taped for distribution, marketing and sale. You hereby waive and assign to Born Free Now, LP, Derek O’Neill, and any other companies or individuals necessary to reproduce and market this workshop, all intellectual property rights that you may have in your image, name, voice, actions and/or words recorded in this workshop.” Nothing like a hypocritical healer!

“You agree that no one has promised or guaranteed to you any benefit<<<geez…above it says I will benefit ….even long distance!>>> from this workshop and you are attending this workshop of your own free will. You waive any and all rights for damages (physical, financial or emotional) you may claim as a result of attending this workshop. You release Derek O’Neill, Born Free Now LP and any staff or volunteers assisting the workshop from any causes of action, litigation, arbitration or claims you might have from attending this workshop. You understand that attending this workshop may substantially change your life and consciousness and you freely accept and embrace that change, regardless of any effects that such a life changing experience may create”.

“You agree that any minors attending this workshop with you under your care, custody and control will be bound by the terms herein”.

Please all— STAY AWAY FROM BAD THERAPISTS!!!!!!!…especially those claiming to have a “cure-all”!
If they can’t be honest and straight forward in an email, I can imagine the manipulation in the “workshop”! Everyone has the right to earn a living, but offering a healing workshop “over the airwaves” and charging $50 bucks for it  perhaps to some family with a terminally ill loved one laying in bed at home hoping for a miracle…is just plain scummy!

The only guarantee in remotely attending Derek O’Neill’s  “truth” workshop is that you will be “set free” of $50!

 here’s a link if you ‘d like to check it out yourself:

hmmm…do you think my boss will believe me if I tell him that I’m staying home tomorrow and  he will benefit from my services anyway because he’s paying me?

…and another thought for all therapists con!sidering doing e-therapy/web based therapy sessions….this guy is way ahead of you! Better find out his “secret”

Here’s a link to a testimonial froma not so happy former practitioner of his “Rising Star” Healing (cult)


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  1. All I can say is “oh, my gosh!” I hope your friend is reading this.

    • I let her know clearly the guy was “not on the up and Up”…
      Sometimes people don’t want to hear it as they are searching to Heal themselves from the outside. and aren’t familar with their own internal resources….(been there!)

      • I find it amazing that this person can even get away with this. I think people also have a tendency to not read the whole thing…or the fine print. Buyer beware!

      • Do anyone of you all know Derek? Have you had ANY other contact besides what you have spoken about here?
        Derek O’ Neill is my teacher and a more powerful, more loving, more compassionate being cannott be found on this planet. He teaches acient teachings in a way that is so clear the newest person to step onto the spiritual path could apply them to their life. His workshops are among the best times I have had in my life, he is funny, warm, kind, insightful. He can heal with just a look or even through the most mundane conversation., He does’nt even need to touch you for healing to take place. I have been involved with Derek and his organization for years and believe me, EVERY penny he makes goes to feed, house, shelter and educate thousands all over the world. I HAVE attended workshops with Derek, both in person and ‘remotely’ which seemed to give you the most problems, trust me, you get just as much benefit attending remotely as you do in person.
        You are welcome to your own opinion on this or any subject, but please look more deeply, don’t just assume you know what its all about from your first impression of what you read. Derek O’ Neill is at the forefront of the consiciosness that is happening all oer the world and we as a race would’nt be as far as we are without him.
        Prema Agni Prema Agni Prema Agni

      • If “his healing” is so powerful….why attend workshop after workshop, and class after class? A true teacher teaches a student to “fish for themselves”. When you are ready, you’ll find that the energy is available to you 24/7….no need for attachment to an exterior source. Your elevation of Derek O’Neill , a human being, to a “god-like status” is pure delusion and a displacement of your own power….and believe me…Derek O’Neill knows this well….you and his ” disciples” are an income source. We all have the power and ability to connect…. and all healing, is self healing!

        With all the economic problems in this country (or whatever country you’re in, I’m in the USA)….there are a huge number of charitable organizations that can use the $$$….why not send them a check….”think globally, act locally”! Why do so many send their money to India, just as our own US corporations have out-sourced many jobs there. Bringing water and housing to a village is a great idea, but the fact is that there is an economic benefit to International Corporations, which in turn provide cheap labor, and many have been known to abuse their employees.
        Please do be empathetic and compassionate. Please do whatever you can, in gratitude, for all souls on the face of this planet….and at the same time, be aware of the bigger picture, and discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes!

      • hi wisdomovertime, i am writing a book about the real, true dangers and pitfalls of harmful healers and dangerous false spiritual teachers, and i wanted to ask if you might know of people who would be willing to share experiences with me that i may then use as examples of what people need to look for and be aware of in order to avoid harmful healers and dangerous false spiritual teachers–derek being one of them, another is the Oneness (diksha) movement in India. please know i do not name anyone’s name in the book, either people who have shared their experiences, or those harmful healers and dangerous spiritual teachers that deliberately hurt others–i cannot do so due to libel. pls know the purpose of the book is so that people who are honestly seeking a true spiritual teacher or honest healer with integrity do not get hurt as you and many others have via derek, or by the others out there that i know of. so if you feel so inclined , please email me. i would be more than happy to email you the preface of the book so you can see if it is something of interest to you. again dee, my sole purpose in writing it is so that people have a road map–the book, one that actually gives examples so people can know what to look for and beware of, in order to avoid the traps and dangerous pitfalls and not get hurt. lastly, i am sorry for what has happened to you, and i hope your life is now moving forward in a truly loving way. love&blessings, thomas

    • Here are some truthful facts about Derek O’Neil, his healing systems, his early workshops from over a decade ago, and some information regarding his original financial supporters—most of who left him years ago. This truthful information is for anyone wanting to know about Derek O’Neil so they can learn for themselves versus all the hype from his cult-like followers, as well as Derek’s own lies. The following is a long read, but contains factual information.
      1- Prema Agni healing modality:
      Derek publicly proclaimed in his early workshops (2003 thru 2008), that Sathya Sai Baba was his spiritual master-teacher, and that this is how the prema angi healing symbol came about. Derek claims he was at Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram in India and that during that time he had dreams of a healing system. Derek claims he drew a sketch of this symbol he dreamed of (the prema agni) and then went to see Baba to ask Baba about the symbol. Derek says when Baba came up to him, Baba said aloud to everyone there, the words; “Give me prema agni!”. Derek says he then took the prema agni drawing out of his pocket and gave it to Baba who then held it up and blessed it, and then gave it back to Derek.
      So, is this true about the prema agni healing system and what Derek claims Sathya Sai Baba did in public at Baba’s ashram in India? Here are Baba’s own words on people who proclaim that Baba has endorsed them, or their healing modality, or that they have any special relationship with Baba, or that they are Baba’s direct envoy, or that Baba has bestowed upon them any special healing gifts or powers.
      Words of God: The Sai Avatar on Himself – Part 8

      “… I do not use others as My media; I have no need to….”
      “…nor do I hand over powers to anyone…”

… Talking of faith, I must issue a warning. Many people are collecting money in various places using My Name for various purposes like arranging receptions, building mandirams, doing puja etc. That is unauthorized and against My Wish and Command. Do not yield to such requests and encourage this practice which I condemn. Then there is another set of people who trade on your faith. They advertise that I have ‘possessed’ them; that I am ‘talking’ through a medium or a stove (!) or some other thing. Treat all such people and their agents or brokers as you treat cheats; if you do not treat them so, then you are also accomplices in the cheating process. 

There are others who gather groups of followers and admirers and collect money exhibiting some idol or image that has been ‘given’ by Me or advertising some other sign of My Grace. Some of them even declare, “Sai Baba sent me to you to take from you some money” or “Sai Baba has given me this” or “Sai Baba blessed me specially thus and thus” and then ask for your help or your praise or your purse! I ask you to chastise all these types of men and turn them away – whoever they are. 

There are again some others who are swept off their feet by hysterical demonstrations by certain weak-minded Individuals, which are described as My speaking through them or acting through them! Take it from Me, I am not given to such absurdities!

      I do not use others as My media; I have no need to. I do not swing from side to side and prattle! 

…. Their gestures, words and actions are hollow and vain; those who burn incense before them and revere them are turning away from Me and running after Falsehood. 

….. For, how can the Full ever dally with the paltry and wear the habiliment of the trifling? When God has come assuming Form, take it from Me, it will not fill inferior vessels or embellish tawdry stuff or enter impure bodies .

….. I know there are some who proclaim, “Devotees have grown out of all proportion in these parts and so, Baba has allotted this region to me and directed me to take up the work of teaching and guiding you; so, admire my acts and adore me”. I never allot in this manner, nor do I hand over powers to anyone, nor can such low minds deserve my Grace. No, never, For me who has the burden of the Universe, can a region or a few more devotees be too much? I am surprised at the stupidity which swallows such absurdities and flocks round these pitiable quacks…..
      – Sai Baba

      The only person Sathya Sai Baba has ever publicly endorsed, as well as publicly signed their healing teaching book—and this can easily be verified by many devotees at Baba’s ashram in India, is Phyllis Krystal. (
      I have not come across nor found one long-time Sathya Sai Baba devotee who resides at Baba’s ashram who has been able to verify Derek’s above claim.
      Knowing all this, who would you now believe? Derek’s own spiritual master, Sathya Sai Baba, a Being who is globally recognized to be God-Realized with over 100million devotees? Or, Derek O’Neil, an ordinary person who is a self proclaimed master healer, and whom Sathya Sai Baba never once publicly declared was Self-Realized, let alone a master healer? Common sense, wisdom and critical thinking say we believe Sathya Sai Baba. So now we know Derek for what he is, a liar who was and still is, cashing in on his relationship to Sathya Sai Baba for his own financial gains.

      2- Rising Star healing:
      Derek claims in his own words: “The Rising Star healing symbol incorporates but is separate from the Prema Agni symbol. Keeping in mind the Prema Agni symbol and adding to it the seal of Solomon and the Avatar, brings this healing system to the highest vibrational level.”

      Here again, since we now know the prema agni symbol is fake and was never endorsed by Sathya Sai Baba as Derek claims, what then does that make the rising star healing system? And what exactly IS the energy of rising star, and where does it originate? Since Derek is lying about the prema agni healing modality and his claims of Sathya Sai Baba blessing it, how can Derek be trusted? Therefore, who in their right mind would want an energy healing system of unknown origins placed within their energy field that is based on a fraudulent lie?

      3- Karnak Initiation into the Great White or Gold Brotherhood:
      Here again, Derek publicly claimed (2007-2008) His Holiness Sathya Sai Baba gave Derek an updated energy ability to give this karnak initiation to people completely anew. Derek showed around a supposed piece of paper with Baba’s supposed handwriting on it to everyone as Derek’s so-called proof. This paper is also what Sondra Shaye would show to all who attended her karnak initiation(s) workshops.
      Again, this energy cannot be trusted because it was not given by Sathya Sai Baba which once again begs the important question, just where and what IS this energy, and is it really safe to have put into your energy field? And once again, why has Derek deliberately lied to everyone about it?
      Derek NOW CLAIMS on his own website 2017 (; “The Rising Star is an extraordinarily powerful system sourced from an ancient Tibetan lineage.”
      So, what are we to believe? First, the rising star and prema agni were given to Derek by Sathya Sai Baba and blessed by Baba, but currently it is now a so-called system sourced from an ancient Tibetan lineage? Btw, what Tibetan lineage—he fails to state even that, from what lineage of Tibetan monks—where’s this proof? It seems Mr. O’Neil cannot get his story straight about his own so-called energy healing systems and where they originate. Makes you wonder about him and what he is really selling, making him highly suspect, dubious in nature and far from trustworthy.

      4- Prema Birthing:
      Derek initiated prema birthing to only a few people in (2006) in an Ireland Workshop. At that workshop, Derek told these few people they could practice the healing modality as well initiate others into the prema birthing healing modality as teachers of that modality. Both Sondra Shaye and Brook Still were two of those people from this original group. However, by June 2008, Derek suddenly announced that only he could initiate anyone as a practitioner/teacher, and that prema birthing modality had to be re-initiated to everyone in a New York City workshop by Derek himself, and only then could anyone who attended this workshop be a practitioner and/or teacher-initiator. Here it seems as though MONEY was the IMPORTANT factor, otherwise, why this change to what Derek did and said in the Ireland Workshop? What excuse did he give to justify this? If Derek did it wrong in Ireland, then he had an obligation to fix it for free, or refund everyone. Same for Sandra Shay and Brook Still, and all the others who conducted any prema birthing healings or teacher initiations—they should have reimbursed everyone they did a prema birthing on since Derek declared it null & void. Or, Derek should have given the workshop in NYC for free. But this did not happen. No one got refunded, instead, Derek charged everyone again for what they had already paid for—minus a very very small discount to those already initiated. But everyone had to fly to New York City—spend even more money, instead of Derek travelling to at least the west coast–LA as well since so many people were located there. Obviously there is something very wrong going on here. There was zero integrity on Mr. O’Neil’s part for taking responsibility for his obvious screw-up regarding prema birthing healing energy and his ‘need to correct it’ at everyone else’s expense.

      4- A Healing Car Ride for $10thousand US dollars.
      Derek used to charge people $10,000US dollars for a 3-day car ride that he claimed would help them awaken to their true self. Derek would openly brag to attendees in his workshops that ‘most of the people who signed up for his three day ride healings never lasted all three days’, or that ‘most people who got into the car with him, never lasted more than 1 hour’. And he would smile and laugh at this.

      2006 Summer Ireland Workshop:
      It was at this workshop that a majority of the people who had been with Derek O’neil from the very beginning, and who had financially supported him, his prema agni foundation, as well as gave huge donations to Derek so he could buy a healing center, all left Derek and his organization for good. Why? See the first *Note below.

      2006 Fall Spokane WA workshop:
      In this workshop, Derek publicly displayed his abuse of his siddhis (supernatural psychic abilities) in the workshop in the following two ways:
      1- Jodi, a yoga instructor and follower of Derek’s, got up and came to the mic and asked Derek for a healing. Derek told her to walk to him and when she did, Derek hit her with so much energy that she collapsed right to the floor. Fortunately Jodi was not injured when she fell flat on the floor, passing out cold. Derek claimed he opened one of Jodi’s nadis. Jodi remained out cold, lying on the floor for quite some time, and no one went to see if she landed ok and had not hurt herself in the fall. Not even Derek checked on her wellbeing after she fell.
      2- Amalia Mayita Mendez came up to the mic and asked for a healing. What Derek did was deliberately shoot a specific energy vibration her way that purposely caused Mayita to have an orgasm in front of everyone there. Mayita moaned and groaned loudly as she put her hands all over her body while people simply watched and said nothing.
      Immediately after this workshop, many financial supporters from Spokane WA who attended this workshop, including the Spokane organizers, and who from early on, also had financially supported Derek and his prema agni foundation, quit afterwards and left the organization for good. This is understandable after reading about Derek’s behavior. Derek has been known to slam people with energy so that they physically or mentally freeze on the spot, at which time Derek then verbally chimes in saying what he wants to (his agenda) regarding the person he just energetically abused.
      *NOTE: The prema agni foundation was founded in 2006 and registered not in Derek’s name, but in Sondra Shaye’s name in New York–Sondra’s legal last name as registered is Shaievitz, see website link ( and ( However, the prema agni foundation was quickly dissolved in 2008. Now why was that? After all, this was the major nonprofit foundation Derek set up with his wife Linda with their stated mission, purpose, etc.. Might it be because Derek was being sued by some of the original people who financially supported and funded him, but who after his 2006 Summer Ireland Workshop, followed by the 2006 Fall Spokane workshop, now wanted their money back? Why did they demand a refund? They were rightfully angry because Derek lied and went back on his public promises to them regarding what his healing center would be in Ireland that he wanted to buy using their large financial funding (Per Derek words, Creacon Lodge cost roughly 7.5million Euros), as well as Derek now incorporating all the healing modalities and changing everything (announced in the 2008 Spring NYC Workshop–the prema agni foundation was shut down and Born Free Now was set up). It is highly probable the PA Foundation was dissolved so that Derek could move all his monies out the prema agni foundation and either into the Born Free Now Organization–this would make it practically impossible for anyone suing to collect any monies from a non-existant company, or from Derek himself. Or, Derek placed the funds someplace else, or emptied the account funds into also paying for Creacon Lodge.
      NOTE: In the Spring of 2008, Eric, a man from Montana, USA, who gave generously to Derek to fund Creacon Lodge, and who was a RS teacher, etc, sent an open email to everyone involved with Derek at the time. This email spelled out what Derek had lied about and why so many people who had financed Derek and been with Derek from the beginning, had since left because they all knew Derek was not trustworthy and that Derek had lied to them by going back on his word. Many people had been approached by Derek into being pressured by him to fund him, Creacon Lodge and PA Foundation.

      *NOTE: Derek had told people, as well as told Jonathon and his wife Jennifer, that the healing modality he had given only to them to use to heal other people, they should never use on each other to heal. However, one time they did, and next thing people knew, Jonathan and Jennifer were divorced—Jonathan left Jennifer to go work for Derek and run Creacon Lodge in Ireland. So again, what was the energy of this healing modality—helpful or hurtful and deceptive? It needs to be said here that Derek used to brag to workshop attendees that he hung up two hooks that were for people to put their marriage rings on because many attendees would no longer be married. This speaks to volumes to Derek’s agenda and how he mis-uses his siddhis to take and get from others no matter what the harmful costs are to those involved. He has used his siddhas to try to separate wealthy couples and then prey on the weakest divorcee in order to get them to financially fund him. Just one example: one woman left her wealthy husband and moved to Ireland with her young son and spent her wealth supporting Derek. She even paid for 3 $10,0000 car rides with Derek. What this shows is how Derek preys on the weak and needy and has no remorse doing so.

      2007 Summer Ireland Workshop:
      At the end of this workshop, Jonathan, who had left his newly married wife and moved to Ireland to work for Derek, handed out a 25page contract that Derek demanded everyone sign. Originally, all there was, was a simple 6-page contract up to this point that people who had been initiated into any of the healing modalities had to sign. So why this radical change? This was because Derek knew in advance he was about to change everything on everyone, and part of that change was to claim legal ownership of the healing modalities and all copyrights and trademark rights, etc, plus he could dictate how and where any of it was used. Whereas previously Derek had publicly stated you cannot patent or copyright God’s works or gifts.

      2008 February New York City 2 Day Workshop:
      Everything changes. In this workshop, Day 1 at a church, Derek announces that he is now changing the name of his organization to Born Free Now Foundation. He said that this was his plan all along for what he was going to do.
      H’mm, really? It is fair to say then that Derek had, up to this point, intentionally deceived and betrayed everyone, except for Sondra Shaye who was in on it, about what he was really up to and was really going to do versus what he publicly had promised everyone previously for years. This was not what Derek told to all the original financial supporters/donators who were with Derek from the beginning. Derek’s workshops went from being spiritual to being financial money making workshops, all the while exploiting those who had come to them previously. Again, Derek said that this was his plan all along, that the BFN Foundation will now charge everyone who practiced any of his healing modalities a yearly membership fee at various levels, and if you were a more truth will set you free workshop instructor, part of that fee you charged for giving your mtwsyf workshop had to go back into Born Free Now, and any advertising brochures you wanted for holding your own workshops, you now had to buy directly from BFN and pay for. Derek also said at this workshop “he can walk into anybody’s office and just touch them to make them give money to him.” So now we know for certain that that was part of his plan for growing his BFN Foundation—using his siddhis to take and steal from people unbeknownst to them. Derek basically told everyone, yet few paid attention to this, that he has no problems taking money from people by using his siddhis (supernatural psychic abilities): “he can walk into anybody’s office and just touch them to make them give money to him.” This is further proof this man has no truthful ethics or morals and has no issue stealing from people, therefore, by his own admission he cannot be trusted.
      Another interesting item to note here is that SQ-Wellness’s mission statement is very similar to what the Prema Agni Foundation mission statement was—about what Derek and Linda were doing, their plans for the Foundation, etc. You could say it was a cut and paste job from the old PA Foundation website to the new BFN-SQ-WELLNESS website. Once again, it begs the question; what was the reason for dissolving the Prema Agni Foundation since in fact it’s mission was/is the very same mission as SQ-Wellness’s current mission? Very possibly it was because Derek had lied to everyone previously, took their donations under false pretenses, and started a new company with new rules and regulations for the healing modalities so Derek could avoid getting sued or having to pay out any funds if he lost. Derek could also now claim full ownership and collect whatever fees he wanted to charge for these healing modalities, and any and all related merchandise created and sold went to him and his organization.
      Gone as well were almost all references to Sathya Sai Baba or Mother Ammachi, or other known spiritual masters who were an integral part of all the previous workshops Derek held. Derek’s organization became a money-making energy healing organization with a non-profit–feed the poor side car thrown in to make him look good in public—a shiny public spin-face on it for him and his huge spiritual ego. In all of Derek’s early years workshops, he had chairs for Sathya Sai Baba and Mother Ammachi with Baba’s rob on Baba’s chair and pictures of them both on their corresponding chairs. There was also a place for pictures of other spiritual masters on a large table. But now all this was / is gone because Derek is far more interested capitalizing on the highly profitable marketability of New Age healing and wellness.
      A NOTE on the 2 major Ireland Workshops held each year: Derek would wait until you arrived in Ireland for this weeklong workshop, and then on Sunday night at the short 2-3hour meeting before the start of the weeklong workshop, Derek would publicly announce to all the attendees that: “he is not responsible for anything that goes on in his workshop, but that you, the attendee, are responsible. And that if you want to leave, you should leave now, but you will not get refunded.”
      Why Derek would not state this upfront, include this very important and pertinent information as part of the workshop advertisement—have it on the email or the advertisement about the workshop before you sign up and pay for it, speaks volumes to the man’s untrustworthiness. Because what Derek is saying here and telling everyone, is that he is going to energetically manipulate everyone’s energy using his siddhis, and do whatever Derek wants to do because he has his own agenda, and not be responsible for anything he does to any of the attendees. If people knew this important information before signing up for the workshop, anyone with common sense would never attend his Ireland workshop. So why did Derek feel the need to deliberately keep this important information out of his workshop advertisement? Why the purposeful deception until the last minute? And it is DECEPTION that IS DELIBERATELY DONE.

      Creacon Lodge, the beginning years:
      In the early days, Derek set Creacon Lodge up to be like an ashram based on Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram of how you keep men and women, even married couples, separated during their stay there. What did that mean? It meant men and women (including married couples) were not allowed to sleep together while staying at Creacon Lodge. However, gay couples were allowed. Now why was that? The whole purpose was for even couples to be apart in order to better heal and focus on their own healing—according to Derek. So why were gays the exception? Again, what agenda did Derek have here that he was not sharing with everyone?
      Regarding Creacon Lodge. Many years ago (2008 and for a few years afterwards), Derek had on his Creacon Lodge website, a statement claiming that there was a “Golden Bridge that connected his healing center directly to Prasanthi Nilayam and to His Holiness Sathya Sai Baba Himself” that was in the so-called meditation room in Creacon Lodge. Derek verbally claimed this to all the attendees in his 2007 Fall Ireland workshop. Here again, do we believe Sathya Sai Baba’s own words that we should never believe anyone who claims any special relationship to him, or that they have been gifted anything by Baba to help others with, or that Baba uses other people to do work for him or thru them, or that Baba supports healing centers? Or, do we believe a self-proclaim master healer with no proof what-so-ever of this statement, a statement that directly contradicts Sathya Sai Baba’s own words—which are the words of Derek’s own spiritual master?
      NOTE: What is interesting to note is that the above “statement” is no longer on the Creacon website. Now why is that? The reason is probably because the Sathya Sai Baba Organization got wind of this fraudulent statement made by Derek and sent a legal cease and desist letter to Creacon to take it off their website.

      If you follow these links, it will show you some of the financials of BornFreeNow,dba Sq Wellness. It is interesting that the names are changed each of the years (click on the 990 pdf forms) for who is doing the actual filing claim.
      244 5Th Avenue Suite D-264
      New York City, New York 10001
      United States
      Company Background & Description
      Acquired by Derek Oneil
      Revenues: $1mil — $5mil
      IC Codes: 7991
      NAICS Codes: 713940

      Hopefully these TRUTHS WILL SET YOU FREE, or stop you from ever getting involved with this modern day snake salesman–huckster who knows how to and is highly adept at manipulating a person’s bio energy field to greatly influence them and cause them great harm. That is the ability Derek has, to be able to easily use his Siddhis to energetically manipulate the chakras of all who follow him and get initiated into any of his healing modalities. Some very ignorant and naïve people might respond by saying ‘how can a person who vibrates high with energy mis-use that power?’. Very readily and easily because they have a developed a bullet-proof spiritual ego, do not have their spiritual heart opened but rather have their third eye quite open, and they are living thru their lower three chakras. This is very common among powerful energy healers and yogis who have fallen from the spiritual path. And that’s what Derek is and has become. Some attendees have also had one of their kundalini knots energetically forced open by Derek, which is an incredibly dangerous thing to do to a person who has not prepared for that radicla energetic shift, but Derek has done it and never taken any responsibility for what then befell those people; because forcing open a person’s kundalini knot, or even a chakra, can cause that person permanent physical and/or mental damage.
      Can people do black magic? Definitely they can. If positive uses are there, negative uses are also there. One Veda, the Atharvana Veda, is dedicated to the use of energies for both positive and negative.

      Saints, Mystics, Rishis, MahaSiddha Yogis, God-Realized Beings and Avatars from thousands of years ago up to the present time, have all proclaimed the following:
      “Of all kinds of karma, using occult (black magic) forces for one’s own benefit or to harm others has the worst consequences for the one doing harm as well as the one receiving it.”
      Occult magic is the lowest expression of yoga, but that is the first thing people would like to do. They want to see something or do something that others cannot—and this is single MAJOR WAY Derek suckers and deceives people into following him, using occult magic.

      People who are rendered deaf and dumb by siddhas, like Derek has done with many who follow him and practice his healing modalities and have his healing systems initiated into their energy fields, can no longer hear or see the truth because they are incapable of doing so, for they have been blinded by Derek’s use of siddhis to harm them by blinding them to the truth and keeping them in the dark.
      A final note; many of the people who have openly spoken out against Derek O’Neil were then harmfully energetically attacked by Derek O’Neil in an attempt to silence them or force them to come back to him, and it took these people many months to completely and safely unplug from Derek for good.
      So what to make of Derek O’Neil? Derek is nothing more than a fallen yogi who is cashing in on selling New Age magic and Dharma. What does this mean? It means Derek has fallen to his own ego’s temptations over the powerful siddhas (supernatural psychic abilities) Derek obtained before he fell on his spiritual path. Derek is highly adept, dangerously so, at the use of energy manipulation on another person, and this is how he is able to cultivate so many followers who are blind to this because they are not capable of seeing or reading his energy simply because they do not have their third eye open, or their spiritual heart open. A person is only capable of perceiving the truth according to the level at which they vibrate at. One cannot read or interpret any energy that is beyond their perception.
      *For a listing of siddhas, see Pantanjali’s book; Yoga Sutras.

  2. If you think that Derek O’Neill can take away your problems or heal anyone or anything you are mighty wrong. This guy (and all others like him) are selfish, greedy, scumbags who want to make a quick buck off of naive, suffering people. No one can help you except YOU. Save your money and give to a real charity (LOCAL/ USA) if you want to do some true good in the world. Or use your money to support the things that make a healthy life – organic food, exercise, travel, artistic endeavors. Please don’t get involved with this cult – they will RUIN you.
    I am speaking from experience. I gave away thousands of dollars and ended up worse than I was before. I am only now – 5 years later – finally out of debt and about to buy my first home (at 40 years old!).

    • derek is a liar and a dangerous black maya magician. if you simply do the research, the real TRUTH wins out. i have witnessed first hand when he physically attacked a person in his workshop, as well as used his siddhis (yogic supernatural abilities) to psychically attack a person to purposely cause them harm. he has done this to many people in order to get what he wants from them. Sathya Sai Baba has not and never did approve of the prema agni–if you know anything at all about Baba, then you know Baba has stated time and time again that he does not and has never endoresed anyone as a healer, or yogi or a healing modality or healing symbol. Baba has consistantly warned those who come to him to ‘BEWARE’ those people who falsely use His Name for their own selfish and greedy purposes, and to never believe these people–of which derek is one.

    • sairam dee, i am writing a book about the real, true dangers and pitfalls of harmful healers and dangerous false spiritual teachers, and i wanted to ask if you might share some of you experiences with me that i may then use as examples of what people need to look for and be aware of in order to avoid harmful healers and dangerous false spiritual teachers–derek being one of them. please know i do not name anyone’s name in the book, either people who have shared their experiences, or those harmful healers and dangerous spiritual teachers that deliberately hurt others–i cannot do so due to libel. pls know the purpose of the book is so that people who are honestly seeking a true spiritual teacher or honest healer with integrity do not get hurt as you and many others have via derek, or by the others out there that i know of. so if you feel so inclined , please email me. i would be more than happy to email you the preface of the book so you can see if it is something of interest to you. again dee, my sole purpose in writing it is so that people have a road map–the book, one that actually gives examples so people can know what to look for and beware of, in order to avoid the traps and dangerous pitfalls and not get hurt. lastly, i am sorry for what has happened to you, and i hope your life is now moving forward in a truly loving way. love&blessings, thomas

      • I was a close student of Derek and knew all his positive sides. He has betrayed me after 10 years of being his student just because he didn`t want to fulfill the contract he was having with me. He started to do such horrible and unhuman things that have no imitation on the planet because he believes there is no punishment for him and it`s difficult to prove. He is afraid of court and anything against him and he punishes severely anybody who goes against him. It`s completely horrible what this person is capable to do and all his childhood history how he suffered as a child and was beating people when he was angry is alive. He can completely damage and there is nothing that can protect you. He can damge the brain and the cortex of the brain as he know the brain very well after all the initiations that he is doing. Don`t get on his bad side, it`s completely impossible to prove all that afterwards!

      • one word for him..sociopath

  3. Wisdom can only can from experience. From my experience Derek certainly is a master! And would would be the first to say don’t assign to me to me that which divinely resides in all of us. Peace and blessings.
    With love and appreciation

  4. I feel sad for whoever wrote this and would say you are very skeptical because you are distanced from yourself- hope you get there

  5. It’s interesting to me that someone could write an article like this without having the experience. I say attend a workshop, stand before your own reflection in this man and you’ll see your own mastery or lack of it. Then write the article and come from a place of actually knowing instead of coming from a fear-place of thinking you’re being taken for a ride. People return because they love this man and he loves them, because he’s fun and real and alive, b
    ecause we’re in this think called life together, so why not grow, witness, love, expand and create together in a container that shines brightly. Those funds that you speak are going out into the world to heal other people. I understand that for some this may be too bright to see. Blessed Be.


    • ….and when you can stand naked in front of your own reflection in a full length mirror (bright lights on!) and unconditionally accept& love what you see….. then…. you’ve made progress

      ….and when you can unconditionally accept the thoughts of others…then….you have grown.

      ….and when you realize everyone is free to experience energy (&themselves as energy) and choose love in any given moment…. then….you will no longer be interested in workshops and instead living “this thing called life” and sharing the gift of you with all

      btw…you said>>>…”Those funds that you speak are going out into the world to heal other people”……..which other people? who is asking for the healing? you know this for certain? what kind of healing? you’ve seen this for yourself?…..

      Hey …if his workshops bring you joy (and you’re not creating debt!) …keep going… just be-aware!

  6. You are all fucking nuts and my sister has lost a lot of money due to this man and is broke as hell and she has lost her family and friends due to this man’s greed . He just wants your money. Stop being desperate for healing. It is within your own beliefs from what you were raised with. HE IS A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This guy is a complete whacko! He has recently convienced my x wife a mother of three, that her life is in his hands. She believes that she will move to Ireland and her adult children will folllow with their husbands. I went to her house in Ojai California to check in on her, at the request of her daughters. As they have not heard from her in weeks. I found she was void of any sense at all. Gave up her phone, internet and contact with the outside world. She said that he was listening to us and knew everything we were doing. All the while there was no food in the house, the power was about to be turned off and she has no money coming in except for renters on the same property. If not for that, she already would have lost her home of twenty years. She has gone to Ireland and is waiting for his commitment to her for a life together. This will never come and I am not sure what to do. Should I sit back and watch her finish destroying her life as it is? Or intervene? Her daughters are worried sick and if not for me getting her a Obama phone and food, who knows, would she sit and starve herself to death? He has possessed her soul somehow and for what ever reason, his technique is working on this woman. God help her, I don’t know if I can.. 😧

    • At this point you can’t help her on your own…. Sounds like she is already well “under the spell” of this expert psychological manipulator. Can you stage an intervention along with her daughters and perhaps a psychotherapist/psychiatrist that specializes in cult behavior? Outside of that you really have no choice but to let her go to her own undoing…stop enabling her….no phone, food, money etc….looks like you’re being manipulated by her to give her support. If you must ( she is your ex and there are no minor children involved)….be there when she completely falls.
      Here’s another link to some not so positive experiences with this supposed “healer”,64607,64607

      btw…not sure what kind of commitment she is expecting…according to this linked forum …he’s not into women….

    • It seems like my sister went through something similar many years ago. She had three boys, divorced and was struggling financially. One day she announced that a public figure told her he wanted to marry her, and that he would send for her. Her behavior changed, and all kinds of problems started from this point. She totally and completely believed that he would send for her. She waited and waited and waited. Of course, he never did send for her because it was a complete creation in her mind, but was so real to her that she truly believed it was real. This went on for a few years. Over time, she didn’t talk about it as much, but her apartment was filled with pictures of him.

      Perhaps your x wife can receive the help she needs by focusing on what’s happening with her, and not giving the potential for her healing away by putting the focus on a belief that a public figure has cast a spell on her. I’m using the term ‘public figure’ because I want to avoid speaking negatively about anybody. The focus is all on your x wife. What if she believes in something her mind created so much, that she convinces those around her? This possibility should be explored for her well-being and for her daughters. Ask for proof in writing, and if she says he told her – ask if he told her face-to-face and when, ask for the details, where she was, circumstances.

      I hope my sharing helps, with loving kindness –

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